BETIM, Minas Gerais

Plascar’s plant located in the city of Betim, State of Minas Gerais, is an example of excellence in production and technology.

The factory has a modern and advanced industrial park, made up of injection machines from 1100T to 3300T and 2 painting lines, in addition to a number of component assembly and welding processes. All this for the production of bumpers, spoilers, and high-quality external finishing parts, ensuring durability and strength to the products.

Focused on the use of Lean manufacturing techniques, the assembly lines ensure high productivity and efficiency in the production of bumpers, door panels, instrument panels, and spoilers. Besides this, Plascar uses ultrasonic and vibrational welding technologies, which guarantee quality and precision in the joining of components.

Another important point in this operation is the know-how used in the logistic system of parts supply, by means of the JIS/JIT system.

Plascar is a company committed to excellence in quality and technology, and its plant in Betim is an example of this. With a range of products produced, the company offers innovative solutions to the automotive market, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust.


In 2022, Plascar inaugurated its newest plant. Located in the city of Caçapava (SP), Vale do Paraíba region, the unit is one of the most modern in the Country, with a high capacity of injection and painting. Caçapava plant has above 22 thousand square meters of floor area.

Focused on the production of exterior and interior finishing parts, mainly car bumpers, the plant supplies the main automakers in the region. Plascar has invested in injection machines and an automatic painting line with state-of-the-art robots, as well as bumper assembly and sequencing cells, to guarantee high quality and efficiency in the production.

Another important point in this operation is the know-how used in the logistic system of parts supply, by means of the JIS/JIT system.

With the new unit, Plascar reaffirms its commitment to supply high quality products to the automotive market, contributing to the economic development of the region and the country. The company stands out for the excellence in its production processes and the constant search for innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Plascar Caçapava is an important landmark in the company’s trajectory and an example of investment and confidence in the region’s economic potential. With a highly qualified and committed team, the new plant is ready to meet the demands of the automotive market with agility and efficiency, consolidating Plascar’s position as a benchmark in the industry.

JUNDIAÍ, São Paulo

Plascar’s plant in Jundiaí is responsible for housing the administrative headquarters and the engineering research and development areas for products, materials, tools, and processes. These areas work together with the automakers in the development of high quality projects.

With a manufacturing park of injection molding machines from 70 to 3,200 tons, the plant’s transformation capacity is diversified and extremely efficient. The painting lines are modern and meet the most stringent quality criteria required by the market in the production of exterior and interior finishing parts. The plant also has, in its industrial park, the manufacturing of automotive lighting products, such as taillights, auxiliary headlights, and break lights.

Located in the city’s industrial district, Jundiaí plant started its activities in 1991 and since then has stood out for the quality and innovation of its products. The company is constantly looking for improvements in its processes, investing in technology and training its employees.

Plascar’s mission is to meet the needs of its customers with high quality products and services, and the Jundiaí plant is a key piece to accomplish this mission. With its efficient infrastructure the company is prepared to meet the demands of the automotive market with excellence.

VARGINHA, Minas Gerais

Plascar has a production plant located in the city of Varginha, Minas Gerais. Founded in 1994, Plascar Varginha has stood out for its quality and efficiency in the production of a wide range of vehicle components.

The plant has relied on technology injection equipment, ranging from 70 to 1250 tons, allowing the production of complex interior and exterior finishing parts, such as: air diffusers, glove compartment, door side components, instrument panel components, front grilles, trim strips, and logos of the main OEMs (automakers).
Painting is also a key process in Plascar’s production, with an automatic booth specially designed for the demand of automotive components, such as trims, grilles, and moldings.

Chroming is another important process in Plascar Varginha’s production, promoting the metallization of parts through electrolytic transfer. This process is applied mainly on automotive parts such as logos, acronyms, rear-view mirror covers, friezes, front grilles, etc.

The Plant is also specialized in the manufacture of parts using thermosetting – fiberglass reinforced plastic, known as SMC (Sheet Molding Compound). With this technology the company produces exterior finishing parts for trucks, such as front panels, fenders, and upper and lower pedals, among others.

Modern and highly technological the Varginha Plant is a source of pride for the company.