About Plascar

Motivated by the trust of our customers, for more than 4 decades we have participated in shaping the future of the transport industry…

exploring new technologies and broadening our horizons. Guided by the desire for innovation and improvement of our processes, we focus on the constant search for quality and excellence.

Our know-how developed throughout decades of experience and which is associated with the wide variety of our equipment, allows us to manufacture products for the various automotive plastic applications. Our company has in total 269,147 m2 divided over 3 units, in which we house injection machines ranging from 70 to 3,200 tons, generating high and diversified transformation capacity.

Our painting production lines, automated and manual, meet the most strict quality criteria. We are strategically located in the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, providing us access to the main highways of the country and, therefore, facilitating our supply logistics.

Our specialized engineering team takes part in the development of new products, overseeing the production line and working towards achieving permanent improvements of the production processes.

Our values

Healthy and safe work environment.

Respect for people and for the environment.

Ethics, integrity and reliability.


October 1st, 1963: Oscar S/A Indústria de Artefatos de Borracha is founded.


Oscar S/A begins its operation in the automotive market


Plascar S.A. Indústria e Comércio is created.


Agricar - Agrícola e Comercial Ltda. is created , operating in the farming exploration and commercial representation.


Agricar is replaced by Multicar S.A. Indústria e Comércio.


Multicar S.A. stgarts operating as OSA S.A. Organização, Sistemas e Aplicações.


The Company is listed on the Stock Exchange.


Activities start in the new unit in Jundiaí - SP, Industrial District.


Operations start in Betim - MG.


Operations start in Varginha - MG.


BTR Group, through its affiliate in Brazil Permali do Brasil Indústria e Comércio Ltda., acquires a controlling interest in OSA S.A.


Plascar Indústria e Comércio Ltda. is created.


Acquisition of Empresa Eletromecânica Carto Ltda.


OSA S.A. corporate name changed to Plascar Participações Industriais S.A.


Permali do Brasil is acquired by S.W. Textron International Holding S.L., which becomes the controlling shareholder of Plascar.


Plascar Indústria e Comércio Ltda. has its corporate denomination changed to Textron Automotive Trim Brasil Ltda.


Shareholding control of Permali do Brasil acquired by Collins & Aikman Corporation.


Subsidiary Textron Automotive Trim Brasil Ltda. has its corporate denomination changed to Collins & Aikman do Brasil Ltda.


Change of denomination Collins & Aikman do Brasil Ltda. for its current name: Plascar Indústria de Componentes Plásticos Ltda.


Control of Plascar acquired from Collins & Aikman Corporate by International Automotive Components Groups Brazil, LLC.


Mapa Capital takes control of the Company and begins the restructuring process.


Inauguração da Unidade Caçapava, a quarta unidade industrial da companhia.


Plascar Quality

Plascar Quality

Plascar Indústria de Componentes Plásticos Ltda., operating in the plastic transformation market and developing vehicle finishing systems, sets its quality policy as follows:

  • To meet the legislation, specific requests from customers and other regulations;
  • To develop products and processes that meet the market expectations;
  • To ensure customer satisfaction by providing products and services that meet the quality and logistics standards;
  • To constantly improve its processes through the Quality Management System;
  • To specialize and improve its employees and service providers through specific training.

Work safety

Our priority is to provide a safe and healty environment for all of our employees, through promoting constant improvements in the safety area.

Work philosophy

We see the quality of our products and services as the strongest feature of our business. We strive to exceed our customers´ and shaholders´ expectations.


We believe that people are part of our product differentiation. Therefore, investing in training of our employees is essential to maintain our team and company in constant development.